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Anyone interested in checking this out to see what it is?  We could have Mary Kay come to our next board meeting and do a demo if you all are interested.  I'd love to see it, but I'm maxed out until mid-April and I don't want to hold things up for the rest of the board.  Let me know what you think about a possible demo.

And for those of you who don't know Mary Kay, she's a mom with 7th and 8th grade football boys plus a younger cheer daughter.  Her web site links are at the bottom of this email and her husband, Ted Hoal, is head football coach at Yuba College.


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Hi Debbie:
My social media company has expanded and we have a new app division.
We build apps for national sports leagues, sports teams, schools, cities, entertainment industries and other vertical markets.

I offered my company services to create an app for the DJBD football and cheer program.
I'd like to offer the same for the high school program if interested.  I can show you how the app works if you'd like to know more.

The primary benefits of the app include:

- streamlines communication with families, players and cheerleaders
- increase parental involvement
- increase player and cheer engagement (easily able to view game videos)
- Save coaching time and administrative work. Eliminates all those last minute calls/emails/texts from parents or players who say: what time do we have to be there?  I lost the directions, where's the game?
- it's available on Android and iOS.

The creation of the app would of course be donated to the program.
Let me know if you think it's something the program could potentially benefit from. I'm happy to share how it works with you.
Best. Mary Kay

Mary Kay Hoal
President, COO
Yoursphere Media, Inc.<><><>

MaryKay at<mailto:MaryKay at>
o: 530 747 2424
c: 530 574 4278
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