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Thanks so much for handling this!  
I think just indicating that there is a fee for the Sunday coaching session should suffice. They should really contact Coach Wiley to get more info and that is already on the schedule - just my opinion :)
I think we usually put the Blue & White scrimmage on schedule but do a "flyer" closer to the date with all the details. Or perhaps that could be put on the Fundraising tab (not sure it's really a Fundraiser???).
I don't think we set dates for Liftathon??
Again thanks Nancy and sorry I was of no assistance :( Is crazy in the air or what - I've been swamped too!

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> Hi All,
> I am sorry that I did not have time until now to work on the website.  It frustrates me, but I think I have the schedules right.  Before we send out any notice, however, can someone please take a look at the following two links and make sure they are right?  I would like to send out a message to parents on Sunday, so if someone has time to look it over and compare it to the most recent calendar before then that would be good.
> (game schedule)
> (pre-season schedule)
> And I know the box on the home page says page not found, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to add something to that or just delete it.  If anyone else is proficient in html, perhaps we can go into the custom settings for the site?
> Thanks, Nancy
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