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Fellow Backers,

With the concurrence of Rich and Yvette, I write to request your expedited e-mail approval of a one-year agreement with Propel Fundraising of Roseville for our discount card program.  Please respond no later than 6p on Wednesday.

At Coach Wiley's request, I had an informative and positive conversation on discount cards Friday with Chris Littlejohn from Propel Fundraising.  Terms are below. Note there is no financial commitment.

April is prime time for Propel to put together card participants in each HS jurisdiction.  Chris understands that the nature of Davis demands a significant number of local merchants, and a coffee deal in particular.  He will spend a week in Davis, signing-up merchants.  He will also meet with the coaches to help them understand the program, and then, he says, he will help us manage it.

Of course, the card will be a thoroughly DHS card, with team photo and appropriate wording.

River Valley HS cleared $24,000 last year with 115 players, according to Chris.  DHS over the past two years averaged just north of $6,000 with roughly 80 players participating.

Rather than be delayed a week until the next board meeting, Chris would prefer to get started sooner, if possible.  He was NOT pressuring us, just trying to do his job.

If a majority approves the arrangement, you will then be asked to send a list of possible local vendors and contact information (the latter is essential — we can't just say "Call Davis Sport Shop.") no later than Thursday evening.  This is at Chris' request and vital.

>From Chris, fyi:

1) Profit structure. We have a 1 year profit and a 3 year profit structure.

1 year profit structure: Program sells 1-499 cards = $10.00 per card sold
500-999 cards = $11.00 per card sold
1,000-1,499 cards = $12.00 per card sold
1,500-2,999 cards = $13.00 per card sold

3 year profit structure: Program sells 1-499 cards = $11.50 per card sold
500-999 cards = $12.50 per card sold
1,000-1,499 cards = $13.00 per card sold
1,500-2,999 cards = $13.50 per card sold

2) We customize the Local portion of the card to what merchants you think would work best for your community. So would
like to go over all the options and rank them accordingly.

3) Will need you at some point to sign our fundraising agreement. You will not come out of pocket for anything, we absorb all the costs. Zero risk to you and your program.

Let me know if you have any more questions as well as if Friday at 9:00am works or a meeting on Thursday. Thanks, Chris

P.S. You asked what schools we currently work with. We are a small company based out of Roseville. My partner and I work with 200 programs each year. We are on 60 campuses throughout the greater Sac area going as far Elk Grove, Placerville, Grass Valley, Yuba City, and out to Fairfield. We work with about 20 different football programs currently.

Robert J. Gore
The Gualco Group, Inc.
500 Capitol Mall, Suite 2600
Sacramento, CA 95814
Office: 916-441-1392
Cell: 916-501-8104

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