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Mon Mar 31 15:32:32 PDT 2014

Thanks for your speedy replies!

That's six aye votes of 10, fellow Backers:
Gore, Griffiths, Riffle, Roberson, Shoup, Wiley.

Here's the next easy step for all of us to ensure sufficient funding for our players:

By Thursday night, send me your lists of 5 Davis fund-raising targets -- business, contact name, address, phone and, if possible, email.

Be creative! Be thorough!
Other than Dutch Bros, which is already mandatory.

I will also see when Chris can join us.

Robert J. Gore
The Gualco Group, Inc.
500 Capitol Mall, Suite 2600
Sacramento, CA 95814
Office: 916-441-1392
Cell: 916-501-8104

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Hi Bob,

Thank you very much for all your work on that.  I think it sounds like a great idea.


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