backers Preparing for DHS Football Registration next week

Debbie Shoup debbie at
Thu Apr 17 09:53:49 PDT 2014

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have notes from the last board meeting?

I have a few questions for the April 22 football sign up and registration next week:

*         This is all levels of players, correct?

*         Are we at some point handing out/distributing the parent playbook?

*         What form do we have people fill out?  The attached one maybe?  Something else?  Is there a separate Backer signup from the high school - or are they one and the same?

*         The "Save the Date" brochure (thanks Coach Wiley) says that the summer schedule will be provided at registration.  Is that something I can help with, or is it already being handled?

I'll send out a reminder to the mailing list about next week's meeting.

Thanks, Debbie

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