backers Preparing for DHS Football Registration next week

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Dear Debbie,

I apologize for not writing this sooner; I hope the following is helpful:

Does anyone have notes from the last board meeting? - I don't think anyone took notes and we didn't have an agenda. We talked about a variety of topics, mostly centered around what we were going to do now that Rich is leaving for Florida. Bob (I hope) made some progress on the discount card referrals...

I have a few questions for the April 22 football sign up and registration next week:

* This is all levels of players, correct? - yes

* Are we at some point handing out/distributing the parent playbook? - the only handbook we've had is the one Smyte created and then updated each year.  In the last few years, we've just referred them to the website as it didn't seem worthwhile to reproduce.  If Coach Wiley has a new one, we could post it or say it's forthcoming.  If there is not a new version, I don't think it makes sense to distribute the old one.

* What form do we have people fill out? The attached one maybe? Something else? Is there a separate Backer signup from the high school - or are they one and the same? - this is a challenge, as the school district updates it each year and the form you've attached is the 13-14 form.  I would talk to Dennis to see what he recommends, although he may not have an answer either given his impending resignation.  What we need now is basic contact information.  The school usually needs that too, as well as insurance and liability releases.  What I suggest is that if you can get an answer and a form from Dennis or Laurie today that they can certify will work for next fall, great, let's use it.  If not, I would just focus on getting contact information for the kids and the parents and plan on getting school forms later.  What we've done in years past is had multiple board members work the front desk to get that contact information.  In years that we've been organized, we had pre-printed forms with names and what we already had on the kids and had them make corrections or edits.  In other years, we just had blank forms everyone filled out and then it was data entry time.

Three other things we covered (and collected money and forms for) at the meeting have usually been spirit packs, summer camp, and liftathon.  We usually also had someone make a pitch about joining the backers and how parents will need to volunteer for a variety of tasks during the season.  I am not sure if this is already on Coach Wiley's agenda or if this will be covered later.

* The "Save the Date" brochure (thanks Coach Wiley) says that the summer schedule will be provided at registration. Is that something I can help with, or is it already being handled? - as far as I know, there is the full calendar schedule that Coach Wiley produced, as well as the one page summary I put together on the website.  I defer to Coach Wiley on this one, but I would suggest that if copies are to be made, it would be easier and quicker to use the one-page summary version I have on the website.

I'll send out a reminder to the mailing list about next week's meeting.

Thanks, Debbie

Nancy McTygue
Executive Director, The California History-Social Science Project
University of California, Davis

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