backers $$ collections during tomorrow's meeting

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Thanks Coach Wiley.

Should we be asking for money for any of those things tomorrow?

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I will be discussing camp and spirit packs.  I am not familiar with liftathon
Therefor if someone else would like to present I would appreciate.   I am making a PowerPoint tonight I will send out for you to review.

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Hi Coach Wiley and John,

Do you want to bring up or collect funds for any of these during tomorrow’s meeting?

From Nancy:
Three other things we covered (and collected money and forms for) at the meeting have usually been spirit packs, summer camp, and liftathon.  We usually also had someone make a pitch about joining the backers and how parents will need to volunteer for a variety of tasks during the season.  I am not sure if this is already on Coach Wiley's agenda or if this will be covered later.

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