[Davis Democrats] You can unsubscribe or change our setting.

G Richard Yamagata yamagata at virtual-markets.net
Wed Aug 13 19:01:30 PDT 2003

Greetings Davis Democrat Club list subscriber,

This e-mail is to explain that you can immediately unsubscribe from this
list -- yourself.  Just follow the instruction of the last e-mail and go to
the web site and unsubscribe from the list.

You can also modify the settings of the e-mail list.  For instance, on the
first of each month a reminder will be send out, reminding you that you are
subscribed to this list and will send you your password to get into your
settings.  If you do not wish to receive this reminder and yet remain
subscribed to the list, you can turn this feature off.  There are also
privacy settings and other settings that modify the e-mail sent to you.

I am hopeful that everyone will be happy with this solution to complaints
that the Davis Democrat Club meetings have not been accessible and that
people have been left out of the process.  Again, the meetings are the
second Tuesday of each month.  The mailing list is just to finalize the
where and when of the meeting and to remind those that lose track of time,
like myself.

This listserve is brought to you by Davis Community Network and is your city
money working for you.  Stay tuned for the inclusion of the Davis Democrat
Club into the Davis Community Calendar, which will feature postings from all
of the major groups, clubs, and organizations in Davis.

Take care,
G Richard Yamagata  PhD
CEO/President   VME Inc.   http://www.vme.net/
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