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Charles D. Brown is a USAF Academy graduate,1975. He has 
been a pilot in the Middle East and Asia. He is a 
Lt.Col.,retired, one of the fighting Dems running against this 
illegal war--his wife Jan is an AF nurse, his son is currently an 
AF pilot stationed in the Middle East. Charlie is running 
against Doolittle, and has been  very active in Vets for Peace. 
He's been an active member of the Sirra Club for 22 years. He 
is strongly pro-choice, pro-civil liberties, pro-environment, 
against the Auburn Dam. He deserves our strong support. 
Christine Craft has interviewed him on talk city radio 1240am 
several times. Please help him meet his matching challenge by 
12/31. I have great respect and trust in  him. He is a real 
democrat who understands the need to take control of our 
country back from the plutocrats and oil barons, and who 
speaks with the plain american english of a howard dean.

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December 29, 2005
Brown for Congress
End of the Year Challenge

Dear John,

We've been challenged! A couple of anonymous
supporters have come forward with a challenge to the
campaign. They have pledged to match contributions
the campaign receives before the end of the year up
to $2000!

Here's our goal: we need to raise $2,000 in
the next two days.

here to help us raise $2,000 before December
31. (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=tmprbrbab.0.awevqqbab.ubgj4pbab.261&p=http%3A%2F%2Fbrown4congress.org%2Fbrown_contribute.html)

December 31 is the end of the first fundraising
quarter our campaign. The amount of contributions
made early in a campaign is important as it is one
of the first indicators of a campaign's level of
support. Equally important, we need to gather
resources now so that we're prepared to wage a
successful campaign in the coming months.

Please help us meet this challenge and reach our

If you prefer to contribute by check, we'll pick
up it in order to make the Dec. 31 deadline. Email
us at info at Brown4Congress.org (mailto:info at brown4congress.org)
to make arrangements.

we count on you? Click here to donate to Charlie's
campaign today. (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=tmprbrbab.0.awevqqbab.ubgj4pbab.261&p=http%3A%2F%2Fbrown4congress.org%2Fbrown_contribute.html)

With thanks for your support during 2005 and
best wishes for 2006,</br>

All of us at the Brown for Congress campaign</br>

email: info at brown4congress.org
phone: (800) 727-6968
web: http://Brown4Congress.org


<p align="center">Let's show we're serious about
sending Charlie to


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