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     Dear john,  
We're doing something completely new with the Democratic Party. Ordinary
Democrats across the country made our 50-State Canvass a huge success, and
we need to build on this enthusiasm and commitment. These national
organizing days are part of an unprecedented grassroots strategy for the
2006 elections. We're putting our resources on the ground now to build our
operation to win in November -- a fundamental shift in strategy for our
party. Our 50-state strategy represents a commitment to building a sense of
community everywhere and leveraging the power of that community to achieve
permanent change. That change is going to start this year in every single
state, in elections for every level of office from city councils to the U.S.
Senate. We need to build steadily until then -- more staff on the ground,
more outreach to ordinary Americans, and more resources to get out the vote.
With your help we can raise $250,000 this week that will be focused on
winning in 2006. Can you make a donation of $50 or even $25 to make it
happen? http://www.democrats.org/wineverywhere
Together we are changing the way politics gets done in this country - but we
can't ignore reality. Like a business, politics requires long-range
strategic planning. In the past, too often our party made real efforts in
only a few select states. And too often that operation disintegrated after
each campaign cycle, only to have to be rebuilt from scratch next time.
Counties, Congressional Districts and even whole states were simply left
behind, in some cases for decades. Slowly, the tendency to abandon tough
fights shrank the number of places where we bother to compete until only a
handful of states were left. We have a plan to build our operation
everywhere over the next 6 months to deliver victories up and down the
ballot in 2006. Will you make a donation to support this plan?
While the GOP is surely in trouble now, come this fall you can be sure that
they will wage a full-on attack. We know that the attacks will be even more
shameful the more desperate they get. When Republicans get in trouble, their
strategy is to make politics so bitter and divisive that people who want
change lose all faith in the process. Our only hope to survive the GOP's
scorched-earth campaign is to grow our operation now and build the strength
that no negative TV-ad-blitz can take away. It's an ambitious strategy. But
it is ultimately up to you to make it happen. Our $250,000 goal this week
will jump-start the operation and get us on our way, but only if you make
your donation: http://www.democrats.org/wineverywhere
We're putting everything on the line with our new strategy. But we're
already seeing the benefits across the country -- in unexpected places from
Wyoming to Missouri, races that weren't "supposed to be" competitive have
become within reach thanks to our party-building work together. You and I
know that when we build our operation from the ground-up everywhere, our
victories in November 2006 will only be the first of many to come. Thank you
for your leadership. Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.


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