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Wed Oct 4 16:43:56 PDT 2006

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BREAKING NEWS: Rexroad worked for funder behind Swift Boat Veterans For Truth

Yes, just when you thought it couldn't get any stranger...it does.

We all knew Rexroad was partisan, but we didn't know how partisan until recently.

Rexroad's firm works for the '527' front group, the Economic Freedom Fund (EFF).

All of the candidates this group is attacking are Democrats, and every single individual and company associated with this group are Republicans.EFF is funded by Bob Perry, the millionaire who funded the now infamous Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Yes, it's true, Rexroad has worked for the same person behind those infamous, untruthful ads.

The major powers behind the 2004 Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign have reunited. The Economic Freedom Fund is solely backed by Bob Perry, the principal funder of the Swift Boat Vets.The group works exclusively with a two-year-old California consulting firm called Meridian Pacific, which, in further testament to its GOP bonafides, is headed by a onetime senior Republican National Committee official.
John Peschong joined Meridian Pacific in 2005, after seven years as the Western States Director for the RNC. Meridian Pacific recently handled a half-million-dollar series of television and print buys for the Economic Freedom Fund, a right-wing "527" group.As this story unfolds, ask yourself, "How can we trust Matt Rexroad to have any integrity as a leader, when he works for individuals and organizations as reprehensible as this?"

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