[Davis Democrats] 1 Day Notice -- Agenda for Davis Democrat Club Board Meeting on Tuesday October 10th

G Richard Yamagata PhD yamagata at virtual-markets.net
Mon Oct 9 13:14:54 PDT 2006

This is the agenda for the Davis Democrat Club Board Meeting.  If you
received your DDC board member folder, PLEASE BRING YOUR FOLDER TO THE

Yolo County Library at the location of 315 East 14th Street.  This is not
the Blanchard Room, but the conference at the back wall of the library,
slightly right of center, from the main entrance.  

The revised agenda by President Arun Sen is now only 59 minutes long.

This meeting will be held from 7PM to 8PM. 

Please note that all Davis Democrat Club members are welcome to attend the
board meeting.  Usually, we have several guests, both members and
non-members, at these meetings.

Davis Democrat Club Board Meeting on Tuesday October 10,

             Davis Democratic Club Meeting Agenda 
                Tuesday, October 10, 7 pm - 7:59 pm 
     Place: Davis Branch, Yolo County Library in Davis.  
                        CONFERENCE ROOM
                     315 East 14th Street.

I.  Introduction and political humor (10 minutes)
        i.    Approval of Agenda  
        ii.   Approval of Minutes for past meetings as they are submitted 
              (Minutes from September Board Meeting.)  
               These minutes have been sent out to the list.
        iii.  Comments and issues from the Public and general members.
              a. From public for unscheduled presentations.
        iv.   Minutes and reports from other clubs and campus Democrats
              a. Specific report from the Woodland Club, Lyle S.
              b. Report from Yolo County Young Democrats, Lyle or Rich.
              c. Report from UCDavis Campus Democrats, Unknown.
              d. Report on the President's activities for the club, Arun Sen.
              e. Report on the September meeting of the YCDCC 
                 (Yolo County Democratic Central Committee.
              f. Report on the Yolo County Headquarters in Woodland
                 (Kingsley Melton)

II.  Treasurer's Report (3 minutes)

III. Report by Campaign Headquarters Committee (15 minutes)
        i.   Flatlander Ad progress (approved at last meeting)
        ii.  Davis Enterprise ad progress (approved at a past meeting)
        iii. Precinct walking progress
        iv.  Phone banking progress 
        v.   Charlie Brown (by Bill Ritter)
        vi.  Frank Seiferman Jr. (by Bob Bockwinkel)
        vii. MacNeary 

IV.   Action, vote, or report on New Board Members (10 minutes)

V.   Election Night Party (5 minutes)
        i.   Where to have it?
        ii.  Potluck?

VI.  Holiday Party (5 minutes)
        i.   Past history of event 
             (Board supplies food, supplementary food purchased, 
              raffle items, white wine only, etc)
        ii.  Chair for event selected.

VII. Content of the Next Newsletter (15 minutes)
        i.   Status of new newsletter editor (Old editor has new full time job)
             (New newsletter editor needed as of October 1st)
        ii.  Concerns of past newsletter editor
                a.  Coordination between newspaper, web site, newsletter, 
                    e-mail list of club event, day and time.
                b.  Make copies availabe to all board members of The Manual
                    that is being constructed by Julia Sanchez
        iii. Report by newsletter committee
        iv.  Volunteer tasks
        v.   Story ideas

XIII.  New and Unfinished (Old) Business (6 minutes)
        i.   Unfinished (Old) business items from past meetings.
        ii.  Report on club's public announcement of endorsements
             Davis Democrat Club Board endorsement of:
                a.  Measure H & I
                b.  No on Proposition 85
        ii.  Items for next meeting  
        iii. Announcements- upcoming events 
        iv.  Next Meeting Time/Location 
        v.   Meeting adjournment

Time:  59 minutes

All times are approximate and only placed to help keep meeting on track, so
meeting can end by 8 PM.  

G Richard Yamagata  PhD
CEO/President   VME Inc.   http://www.vme.net/

G Richard Yamagata is a member of the Davis Community Network Board of 
Directors, a member of the board of the Business Link of Woodland and Davis,
Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Davis Democrat Club, President 
of the board of Virtual Market Enterprises, Inc, Secretary-Treasurer 
of the board of the Davis Progressive Business Exchange and communications 
liason of the Independent Order of Oddfellows Chapter 169.

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