[Davis Democrats] Donation Expendidture News voted by DDC Board

G Richard Yamagata PhD yamagata at virtual-markets.net
Thu Oct 12 01:52:48 PDT 2006

Greetings Davis Democrat Club Members,

Following is a report by Mike Syvanen that will go into the next newsletter
reporting on the results of part of the DDC Board meeting on October 10th.
This specific item was debated for about 1 hour of the 2 hours that was the
DDC Board meeting.   This was passed 11 yea votes and 1 abstaining vote.
This article by Mike Syvanen fulfills his promise to inform the membership,
that was part of the motion to donate this money to Democrat congressional
candidates running in "Emerging Races" targeted by the party in our attempt
to Take Back The House (of Representatives).  [More of this in the minutes
summary to follow.]


To Davis Democrat Club Members,

We would like to give you an update on our expenditures for the November
2006 election. These are funds that you, the membership, have donated. The
executive committee decided to use our limited resources to support a
number of electoral races that lie outside Davis and Yolo County.  This is
something that we have not done in the past.

Our Congressional candidate Mike Thompson is now in a 'safe' race (assuming
that you vote!).  However, what was not predicted even four months ago is
that three adjacent congressional seats in districts that were considered
safe for the republican incumbents have recently become competitive.  They
include Charlie Brown's challenge to Doolittle in the CA-04, Jerry
McNerney's race against Pombo in the CA-11 and Bill Durston against Lungren
in the CA-03.

Charlie Brown and Jerry McNerney are now in statistical dead heats against
their Republican opponents. Durston has been closing in. This is a
development that only the most optimistic Democrat could have predicted
even 4 months ago.  This provides us with an opportunity to turn back the
Bush tide towards more war.

Given this unique opportunity for Northern California to help the
Democratic Party take back Congress, the Executive Committee of the Davis
Democratic Club decided in its meeting on October 10 to expend a major
fraction of our budget as donations to these three races.

We have made the following contributions: 

Charlie Brown -- $2000
Jerry McNerney - $2000
Bill Durston --- $1500

Because we have made these important contributions in addition to our usual
local election year expenditures, we will have spent down our savings as of
Nov 8th, and will need to replenish our account.  It would help us if you
could renew your membership for 2007 now.  If you do this, you must indicate 
on your check that the money is for 2007 dues.  We are also taking any
for the newspaper campaign ads in the Davis Enterprise.  Suggested donations
those that wish their name in these ads is $50.  To pre-pay your dues or make a
donation, send your checks to 
Davis Democrat Club 
Attn: Treasurer Betty Weir
P.O. Box 73014
Davis, CA  95617

Mike Syvanen

G Richard Yamagata  PhD
CEO/President   VME Inc.   http://www.vme.net/

G Richard Yamagata is a member of the Davis Community Network Board of 
Directors, a member of the board of the Business Link of Woodland and Davis,
Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Davis Democrat Club, President 
of the board of Virtual Market Enterprises, Inc, Secretary-Treasurer 
of the board of the Davis Progressive Business Exchange and communications 
liason of the Independent Order of Oddfellows Chapter 169.

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