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John Chendo jac07 at dcn.org
Tue Oct 17 15:30:15 PDT 2006

Subject: Tough Political Ads - Featuring John Chendo

Campaign for America's Future | www.ourfuture.org
Tough Political Ads ­ Featuring You!
 <http://ga3.org/ct/41Nowd41SzUy/> Are you one of the millions of Americans
who've paid personally for mismanagement in Iraq, the Part D prescription
drug disaster, college loan cuts, or outsourcing of American jobs? These are
the costs of conservative corruption. If you've paid any of these costs,
we'd like to feature you in tough ads that confront the lawmakers
responsible for them. Please tell us what price you've paid (words & photo)
<http://ga3.org/ct/41Nowd41SzUy/>  before this Friday, October 20th 6pm EST.
GO » <http://ga3.org/ct/41Nowd41SzUy/>

Dear John,

We want to try something bold. Millions of ordinary Americans have been hit
by the costs of conservative corruption, and forced - literally - to pay for
it from their own pocketbooks, not to mention their reserves of time and
energy. We want to give some of them a chance to confront our nation's
corrupt conservative lawmakers in a very public way.

In the final weeks before the election, we want to run hard-hitting ads that
let real people call out the corrupt lawmakers responsible for 1) Iraq
war-profiteering, 2) the Part D prescription drug disaster, 3) college loan
cuts, and 4) outsourcing American jobs.

If you -- or a member of your immediate family -- have paid any of these
costs of conservative corruption directly, and would like to be featured in
our ads, please let us know. Please tell us what price you've paid (words &
photo) <http://ga3.org/ct/41Nowd41SzUy/> . Deadline is Friday, October 20th
before 6pm EST.

The right message, delivered by the right person at the right time can focus
the public's attention and leave a lasting impression. If you've paid any of
the costs of conservative corruption directly, you've got a powerful message
that can move people to action. We'd love to hear from you, and possibly
feature you in our ads.

Please tell us what price you've paid <http://ga3.org/ct/41Nowd41SzUy/>  for
conservative corruption today.

Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to hearing from you.


Ian Mishalove, Director Online Communications
Campaign for America's Future


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