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Out-of-state property rights extremists are trying to fool Californians
 into passing Proposition 90 -- a taxpayer trap  that threatens to bankrupt
our communities and literally change our  state¹s landscape.
  Prop 90 would hand the fate of our treasured wildlife over to  developers
-- and stick California  taxpayers like you and me with billions of dollars
in payments to land  speculators and developers.

 Help stop  Prop 90 now! Send a free ³No on Prop 90² e-card to at least
 seven friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers.
  Prop  90 is one of the worst environmental measures in state history.  
The wealthy developers behind this taxpayer trap are selling it  to the
public as ³eminent domain reform² that will  ³protect our homes.² In
reality, its extreme provisions  would require local taxpayers to pay for
the ³right² to  pass and enforce laws that protect the air we breathe, the
water we  drink, and the wildlife we cherish.
  Here¹s how Prop 90 works: It would allow wealthy developers,
 corporations, and other special interests to demand huge payouts from
 local taxpayers for alleged harm caused by laws that protect our water,
 air or wildlife -- no matter how far-fetched the claim.
  Prop  90 would cost taxpayers in California billions of dollars per year,
 according to a former California  legislative analyst.  Prop 90¹s ³pay to
protect²  provisions would prevent communities from adopting laws that
protect  wildlife and preserve our quality of life. These requirements would
 also mean less money for important priorities like environmental
 protection, education, police and fire services.
  Defenders of Wildlife has been working with a broad coalition of
 taxpayers, firefighters, police officers, school teachers, consumer  safety
organizations, and other community groups to defeat Prop 90. But we  need
your help.  Click here to spread the word to defeat Prop 90  -- the taxpayer
trap! <http://action.defenders.org/site/R?i=Qf5KJ7hgPlOhFz71RYo4MA..>
  In 2004 the people behind Prop 90 passed a similar initiative in Oregon.
In less  than two years, wealthy developers in that state have filed over
2200  claims demanding over $5 billion in compensation from local taxpayers.
Oregon communities can no longer regulate growth  and development in a way
that protects their way of life -- and urban  sprawl now threatens Oregon¹s
 precious wildlife habitat, farmlands and open spaces. We cannot allow these
 out-of-state extremists do the same to California.

Don¹t  let others be fooled by this Trojan horse.  Help us defeat Prop 90
 by spreading the word!
  Out-of-state extremists are spending millions of dollars to pass Prop  90.
Defeating Prop 90 won¹t be easy, and we need all the help we  can get. Vote
³NO² on Proposition 90 and tell  others to do the same.
  Kim  Delfino  
California  Program Director
  Defenders of Wildlife

 P.S. If you would like to know more about Prop 90¹s impact on  wildlife and
our communities, please visit: http://www.noprop90.com/

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