[Davis Democrats] San Francisco Chronicle endorses Debra Bowen!

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  Dear john, Yesterday, Debra Bowen picked up a critical newspaper
endorsement in her campaign for Secretary of State:  the San Francisco
Chronicle.  This is great news -- and we need to get it out to every voter
across California.  Please forward this email to everyone you know! Here's
what the Chronicle said about Debra:
 <http://ga3.org/ct/c1MuLhn1NzEY/chronicle_endorsement> Why Bowen earns our
vote "...In Bowen, California would have a secretary of state who is asking
the right questions and has the grounding to know when she is getting
straight answers. She recognizes that a conversion to electronic voting
systems must be accompanied by appropriate safeguards -- such as paper
trails and open source software -- that maintain public confidence in the
electoral process. "Bowen's 14 years in the California Legislature
demonstrated her commitment to the issues and values desired in a secretary
of state. She has been an effective advocate for open government --
pioneering the use of the Internet to make campaign finance and legislative
records readily available to the public, and authoring an array of bills to
make the initiative process more transparent. "Beyond that, Bowen has proved
to be one of the most focused and effective representatives in the
120-member Legislature, especially on consumer and privacy protection. She
takes on tough issues, stays with them and gets results. Her work in
Sacramento, for example, has produced laws that have reduced the risk of
identity theft in California. "Debra Bowen gets our endorsement for
secretary of state."

The Chronicle's endorsement comes on the heels of the San Jose Mercury-News'
endorsement, which read:

 <http://ga3.org/ct/dpMuLhn1NzER/sjmercnews_endorsement> Bowen better suited
to be Secretary of State "...Recent studies by Princeton University and the
Brennan Center for Justice underscore the need to do more to prevent vote
fraud and improve system security. "Bowen, 50, understands this and is far
more skeptical of electronic systems than McPherson. Throughout her 14 years
in the Legislature, Bowen has been a leading advocate for open government.
Using technology on behalf of democracy has been her passion. She sponsored
legislation that put bills and committee reports on the Internet; she served
on a committee that brought the court system into the electronic age. As
secretary of state, she would require tighter rules on electronic voting and
encourage the creation of open-source software to guarantee security and
accuracy... "McPherson is less likely to challenge county officials. But if
county registrars had their way, none of California's landmark electronic
voting reforms, like a paper trail, would be in effect today. A secretary of
state must be willing to lead the registrars on issues of voting integrity
and accountability. Bowen would do this. "McPherson restored stability to
the office. Bowen would bring dynamism and skepticism that the position
needs. She is our choice."

What's more, the Los Angeles Times said "Debra Bowen would make a great
Secretary of State," and the Los Angeles Daily News endorsed Debra, writing
that she "has a stronger grasp of the details of the job...  She's got a
healthy concern about electronic voting systems and appears to have been
preparing for this job her entire career."

It's terrific to have this kind of support from newspapers across
California.  But now we've got to translate this editorial support into

Please forward this email to every California voter you know -- and
contribute today to help power our campaign through the homestretch!

Thanks so much for your continued support over these last 15 days.


Sandra Lloyd-Jones
Campaign Manager

P.S.  We need to get this information out far and wide.  Please forward this
email to everyone you know!


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