[Davis Democrats] Campaign Update - Only 11 working Days left!

Richard Peterson richard-peterson at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 26 01:11:53 PDT 2006

Thank You to the Davis High School Democrats, Elsie Gabby and SMUD Board Chair Genevieve Shiroma for their calls, tonight.  Though a small group, they were stout and strong: they made 169 calls, 60 contacts, identifying 68 new Permanent Absentee Voters that will be voting for Democrats and Democratic Issues this election cycle (including councilmember Don Saylor!! - who will be leading a phone bank this coming Wed., Nov. 1st).  Over the last two days, we (and by we, I mean Lyle) have covered all of precinct 59 which is one of the top 20 largest precincts in Davis (over 200 Dem Households alone!).
Also, a sincere and major thank you to board members Barbara Slemmons and Eileen Lindsay who, together, have called through 1/2 of the senior PAV list; and a thank you to new Board Member Carl Schmid who (before leaving us to go on a much needed vacation) walked two full precincts!  Of course, Betty and Julia Sanchez have truly done a remarkable job in keeping the office running.
I'd also like to thank Robin Kahn and Julia Hunter-Blair for manning the Davis Democratic Club table at the Progressive Business exchange tonight.  This will be the first of many locations where the club will be over the next 11 days, including (finally!!!) at the Farmer's Market for the next two Saturdays.  This means that we will need help with tabling; which means that we actually need help finding tables, maybe a chair or two...definitely a few brave souls who are willing to toe the party line on the Propositions.  We will provide talking points.
More of what we need:
We are going to have a full house tomorrow between 6 -8pm (or is it today now?); headlining will be Assemblywoman Lois Wolk; also in attendance will be Councilmember Stephen Souza, Retired UCD Police Chief Calvin Handy (who is being dragged here by his wife!) and our very own President, Arun Sen!  We are also expecting another 4-5 people.  We will be continuing to make chase calls on PAV's.  I need a couple of things from club members:

1. More bodies (please bring a charged cell-phone if possible, it will be quite full); and

2. Food & Water!!!!  We are having some trouble feeding our volunteers...well...anything.  If you feel inspired, please bring by a little bit of food or water for our weary band of brothers and sisters working hard to get the vote out in Davis.
We are still going to be walking precincts and making chase calls through Nov. 6th, so any time that you can give to us would be greatly appreciated.  Also, Betty still has a number of Precinct Chairs are unfilled.  We have started plugging board members in to fill the gaps, so if you are a member of the board, and would like to know what precinct you will be taking, come on by the office: 231 E Street (behind Espresso Roma).
Finally, without being (too, very) melodramatic, we truly are at the Rubicon.  We have a choice: we can stop on the banks of the river and honor traditions, or we can create new traditions and new memories.  Alea iacta est.  The die is cast.  We need you all to help us by stepping up to be the leaders within the community that you are.  We really need the Davis Democratic Club to assist us in making a difference in local and statewide elections.  We have a voice, let it be heard!
Sorry that this is so long.
Rich Peterson
(530) 220-0205
richard-peterson at hotmail.com
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