[Davis Democrats] Great Article about Bill Durston, MD, USMC (vs. Dan Lungren) in Today's Sacramento Bee!

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Fri Aug 8 09:02:57 PDT 2008

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Subject: Great Article about Bill in Today's Sacramento Bee!

Great Article about Bill in Today¹s Sacramento Bee!
Read the great article about Bill on page A1 of today¹s Sacramento Bee ­
then take action! 

First, email Bee writer Peter Hecht <mailto:phecht at sacbee.com>  or call him
at (916) 326-5539 to thank him for his well-written, sensitive, and in depth
coverage of Bill and the Durston for Congress campaign.

Second, write a letter to the editor of the Sacramento Bee
<http://www.sacbee.com/sendletter>  expressing your feelings about the
article and about why you support Dr. Bill Durston over Dan Lungren for

Third, and most important, if you want Bill instead of Lungren as the U.S.
Representative in California¹s 3rd Congressional District, and if you¹re
tired of hearing that Lungren has 3 times as much money in his campaign fund
as Bill and that Bill is a long-shot to win this race, go to the Durston for
Congress website <http://www.durstonforcongress.org>  now, make as generous
a contribution as you can afford (up to the $2,300 limit) to our campaign
for better representation in Congress, then click on the Action Alert
<http://www.durstonforcongress.org/action-alert/index.html>  tab to learn of
other ways in which you can directly participate in winning this race and
taking back our democracy.

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healthier, safer future.

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