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Mon May 5 10:09:16 PDT 2008

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  Dear John ,
QC%2FyVLWva> Thank you so much.  Once again committed donors like you have
responded in a big way and helped us reach our April fundraising goal. 
Another successful month brings us one step closer to victory in November.
 I wanted you to see how your donations are contributing directly to our
success, so I'm sending you a video recorded at a recent press briefing in
Washington where I lay it out race-by-race.  I hope you like it.
 Click here to watch the video.
 With just six months to Election Day, now is an absolutely critical time to
show our Senate candidates that we'll be there when the Republican attack
ads start flying.  We are all so grateful to know we can count on your
 Chuck Schumer   
 When you make a contribution today, the DSCC will put your money to work
right away in the campaign to put a stop to George Bush's extreme agenda.
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