[Davis Democrats] Campaign Kickoff Thursday Night June 5, Volunteer NOW for the November Election

G Richard Yamagata PhD yamagata at virtual-markets.net
Sat May 31 13:19:28 PDT 2008

Campaign Kickoff Thursday Night June 5 

Volunteer NOW for the November Election 

Yolo County Democrats in coordination with your Davis Democratic Club 
are kicking off the campaign for the November election today, yes, right

now today, to change America. Working through your local organizations, 
you and your friends have the opportunity to be part of this exciting, 
important election; your participation is needed and greatly welcomed. 

One unusual aspect of this coordinated effort is the key word, 
"organizing." Will Rogers famously quipped, "I am not a member of an 
organized political party. I am a Democrat." You will be pleased to 
know that all Yolo Democrats intend to be highly organized well before 
November, which is the reason that we ask you to consider the 
opportunities and volunteer now. 

There are many things to be done and certainly much for you to 
contribute. Naturally, individual assi gnments will be tailored to your 
skills, inclinations and time constraints. Some possibilities include 
voter registration, canvassing by phone or in person, office work, mass 
mailings, data management and analysis. To learn more about these 
options join us (and bring your friends) for exciting fun: The campaign 
kickoff will be held June 5, Thursday evening, (7:00 to 9:00pm) at the 
Oddfellows Hall (415 2nd St., Davis). 

We look forward to seeing you there! 
Carl Schmid, cwschmid at comcast.net 
Membership Chair, Davis Democratic Club 

Claire Black Slotton, democracygirl at il.com 
Executive Director, 
Central Committee, Yolo County Democrats. 
G Richard Yamagata  PhD
CEO/President   VME Inc.   http://www.vme.net/   http://vme.net/bcards/bio.html
Phone: 530-VIV-VMEI or 530-848-8634

G Richard Yamagata is a member of the Davis Community Network Board of 
Directors, Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Davis Democratic 
Club, President of the board of Virtual Market Enterprises, Inc, 
Secretary-Treasurer of the board of the Davis Progressive Business 
Exchange and communications liason for the Independent Order of 
Odd Fellows Chapter 169 and the Business Link of Woodland and Davis.

For public service to the Democratic Party of Yolo County, 
Recipient of the 2007 Williamson-Weir Award

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