[Davis Democrats] Sen.Gordon Smith (R-OREGON)concedes to Democratic challenger Jeff Merkley-from DSCC

John Chendo jac07 at dcn.org
Thu Nov 6 18:19:15 PST 2008

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  Dear John ,
 You made history this week.  For years to come, they'll still be telling
your story.   
 It was the commitment of millions of grassroots Democrats - ready for a new
day - that propelled President-elect Obama to victory.  And it was all your
time, money, and effort that is giving him a huge Senate majority to help
him change this country.
 Your impact on this amazing moment cannot be overstated.  For the first
time, millions of individual activists have been empowered to make a
difference, not in just their corner of the world, but throughout the entire
 This is your victory, in which all of us at the DSCC are so humbled to play
just a small role.  For nearly two years you inspired us with your
dedication to change.  You saw us through the toughest times with your
unyielding loyalty.  And you propelled our Senate candidates to unimaginable
heights with your generosity of spirit.
 Words cannot express the magnitude of what you did for this astounding
victory, so I'll keep it simple: Thank you so very, very much.
 Your hard work has so far earned 6 big Senate victories:
> Colorado:  Mark Udall thumped Bob Schaffer easily, 52-43.
> New Hampshire:  Remember all those stories you read last week about this race
> tightening?  Not so much.  Jeanne Shaheen upended Republican incumbent John
> Sununu and will be the next senator from the Granite State.
> New Mexico:  Tom Udall won by 22 points, showing once again the American
> people rejecting Steve Pearce's brand of hard right extremism.
> North Carolina: Voters responded to Democrat Kay Hagan's terrific campaign for
> change by rewarding her with a 9-point victory over incumbent Elizabeth Dole.
> Oregon: It's taken two days to count the votes, but I just received word that
> Gordon Smith has called Jeff Merkley to concede this race.
> Virginia:  Proving that the Old Dominion is turning a bright shade of blue,
> Mark Warner trounced Republican Jim Gilmore by 30 points.
   And there are 3 more races that aren't decided yet:
> Minnesota:  Al Franken and Norm Coleman are separated by just 437 votes.  This
> will trigger an automatic recount.
> Georgia:  Saxby Chambliss has failed to win more than 50% of the vote. 
> Therefore, state law dictates that he will face Democrat Jim Martin in a
> special run-off election on December 2.
> Alaska:  Votes are still coming in from remote parts of the state, and the
> race between Mark Begich and convicted felon Ted Stevens remains too close to
> call.
 We will have a mountain of work to do in the coming weeks to win these
races.  But right now, I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to all of you
for all the work you put in and all the time and money you gave to this
 Because of everything you did to change this country, I am so proud to be a
Democrat today.  Thank you so much.
 Sincerely,  J.B. Poersch
 Executive Director
 With three races undecided, there is still a mountain of work to be done. 
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