[Davis Democrats] Fighting for Every Vote for Charlie Brown

G Richard Yamagata PhD yamagata at virtual-markets.net
Sat Nov 8 02:27:12 PST 2008

Dear Davis Democratic Club Members,

The following e-mail is from Davis Democratic Club Board Member, Bill Ritter.

Dear Richard,

Would you please forward the following appeal to the Davis Democratic 
Club list serve.  Charlie Brown's campaign must fund an Election 
Protection effort to protect the vote counting process as 40,000 
ballots remain to be counted as well as the eventual recount 
effort.  This is still a winnable seat and we need to do everything 
we can to help with this effort.

I am asking our DDC membership to contribute via: 

Bill Ritter

>To: wwr3 at sbcglobal.net
>Subject: Fighting for Every Vote for Charlie Brown
>Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 10:44:12 -0800
>From: "Todd Stenhouse, Brown for Congress" <info at charlieforcongress.com>
>Charlie Brown for Congress
>Dear Willis,
>A record number of voters turned out for Tuesday's election.
>And, after more than 300,000 ballots were cast in CA-04, the race is 
>tied.   The current difference stands at less than half of 1% (less 
>than 500 votes).
>The race is way too close to call. And there are more than 40,000 
>vote-by-mail and provisional ballots still to be counted.
>Once all the votes are tallied, we are confident that Charlie Brown 
>will be the 4 th District's next Congressman, but we need your help 
>to make sure every vote is counted.
>Contribute to our Election Protection Fund.
>Yesterday, Tom McClintock hired an election attorney and brought in 
>a team of lawyers to "watch" the locations where absentee and 
>provisional balots are being counted.
>With McClintock's massive fundraising list, he has the financial 
>ability to hire as many lawyers as he needs to challenge the votes 
>of thousands of people who faithfully cast their ballots.
>We need to combat this, but that takes resources.
>click here 
>make a donation to help us fight for every last vote.
>McClintock has history with recounts, and was on the short end of a 
>fight with Steve Westly in 2002 after a similar situation, so we 
>know he's going fight.
>But rest assured that we will not give up - we will not surrender - 
>we will not rest until we make sure that every single vote is counted.
>right now to ens ure a fair process to count the remaining votes.
>Many of us have looked forward to this post-election day for such a 
>long time - as a country we are headed in a new direction, with so 
>many new and excited voters participating in the process, we cannot 
>afford to allow new voters to become disenchanted with the system already.
>We all remember what happened the last time a right-wing politician 
>started challenging election 
>additional contribution of $25, $50 or whatever you can afford will 
>go a long way to helping prevent a repeat of history.
>Thank you,
>Todd Stenhouse
>Campaign Manager
>P.S. - 
>contribute today , and forward this email to friends, neighbors, 
>family and all those interested in maintainng the integrity of our 
>electoral process.
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