[Davis Democrats] Voluntary Action Opportunity Employee Free Choice Act rally-March 17 noon

John Chendo jac07 at dcn.org
Tue Mar 10 18:51:49 PDT 2009

Our Congressman Mike Thompson has signed on as co-sponsor of this  very
important labor law.

Conversation: Employee Free Choice Act rally
Subject: Employee Free Choice Act rally

There will be a rally rally in support of the Employee Free Choice Act at
the North Steps of the Capitol in Sacramento at noon on Tuesday, March 17.
If you are free mid-day, you are invited to show your  support for this VERY
HIGH PRIORITY legislation that was just introduced today in Washington.  For
more information on the Act, go to
http://www.aflcio.org/joinaunion/voiceatwork/efca/whatis.cfm . Also,  if you
wish, wearing the color green would not be out of fashion  on that day. As
in FDR¹s time, reform-recovery-relief go together to keep America strong.


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