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 Please take action below!
Pamela -
 John Boehner is forcing the country into bankruptcy as part of his
right-wing war on middle class families.
 Here are the facts -- Republicans don't have the votes to increase the debt
limit without Democrats, but Boehner has rejected every Democratic proposal
to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the rich, end subsidies for big oil, or
close tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. Instead, Boehner
wants to gut Social Security and Medicare.
 Cutting Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid is insane. It will be a punch
in the gut to middle class families and will send the country deeper into
 Thankfully, Nancy Pelosi and progressives in Congress are standing up
against John Boehner and his right-wing Tea Party colleagues. We need to let
them know that we have their backs.
 Call your Congressperson right now at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to take
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid off the table.
 This is crunch time. Congress has less than two weeks to find a compromise
and raise the debt limit. We need to make clear everyone understands that we
can't cut the deficit on the backs of middle class families.
 Thank you for all that you do.
 - Michael
 Michael Langenmayr, Deputy Political Director
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Additional phone numbers tollfree to reach Congressmembers¹ offices in our
nation¹s capital,Washington D.C.,  are 1-866-251-4044 and 1-888-907-1488.
The month of July is remembered as the month of the end of monarchy and the
beginning of fair taxation by both America(July 4,1776) and her ally France
(July 14, 1789). We are living in the greatest worldwide depression since
the 1930s. It was not engineered by the middle-class and poor. It was
precipitated by Bush¹s failed 10-year-long experiment to slash federal taxes
for the wealthiest  while sending our soldiers to long wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, which were, according to Bush cabinet members, supposed to pay
for themselves in mineral riches accruing to the US.  The wealthiest in
America cannot continue to make windfall profits, sending our jobs overseas,
while middle-class Americans and our own working poor lose the American
promise of equal  opportunity and shared patriotic sacrifice.  

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