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DCNews March 31, 2009
DCNews: Behind the Modem Lines
March 31, 2009
Issue No. 3/09
Published by Davis Community Network
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Catch Up, Keep Pace with Modern Communication
Do you work with a nonprofit organization or group in town? Do you find yourself
a little behind the curve when it comes to new technology and the internet? Are
you an individual who would just like to better understand the ever-evolving
world of modern web-based communication?
This is where Davis Community Network can help.
DCN offers classes, assistance and resources that help local people and
nonprofits keep pace in an increasingly web-based environment, and provides
tools that help nonprofits become more effective in doing their jobs.
Today's best-run nonprofits are using the internet more and more -- just like
businesses, universities and government institutions. They are taking full
advantage of the web and many of its new features ? like interactive
websites, blogs, social media ? to reach out, educate and engage their
communities more effectively than ever before.
If you would like your organization to function in a more effective way, if you
wish your organization were more well known in the community, or if you'd like
to generated greater numbers of supporters, members, volunteers, it may be time
to modernize!
DCN can't guarantee these things will happen overnight, but DCN can help you get
you closer to that vision by giving you the tools of modern communication and
teaching you to use them. A great first step is to take a class.

Upcoming classes include:
Web Calendar Class
Thursday, April 2, 6:30-8:00
This class offers instruction on use of the Web Calendar, a tool also developed
by DCN's Webteam. The Web Calendar can be installed on an organization's
website to help promote its events and activities and can also link to a master
Community Calendar hosted on DCN's site. This Community Calendar can be viewed
at http://events.dcn.org.
Email List Management with Mailman
Thursday, April 9, 6:30-8:00
A Mailman List is a very effective way for an organization to communicate with
any size group -- boards of directors, project committees, memberships,
supporters, or other constituents. Learn how to manage all your email lists
with Mailman.

SimpleSites 2.0 Website Creation
Thursday, April 16, 6:30-8:00
DCN's Webteam, led by Steve McMahon, developed SimpleSites version 2, a web tool
that provides the power of a modern, interactive website in a ready-to-install
template. SimpleSites, recognized for its ease of use and value to nonprofits,
earned a National Grassroots Techie Award in 2007. In this class, learn to
build a website using SimpleSites. Hundreds of local nonprofits have taken this
class; no previous web authoring experience necessary. Examples can be seen at
SimpleSites2.0 Special Tools
Thursday, April 30, 6:30-8:00
This class introduces features and tools not covered in the SimpleSites 2.0
class. Learn how to create web forms, manage data, add blogs, maps, slide
shows, videos, RSS, a Mailman subscription form, and more.
Thursday, May 7, 6:30-8:00
More and more, nonprofits rely upon the internet to distribute information to
the public and to their constituencies. Many nonprofit newsletters are now sent
via email to save on costs, reach more people and even save trees! This class
will help you create a customized, attractive and well-designed template for
e-newsletters and e-announcements.
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
Thursday, May 14, 6:30-8:00
Cascading Style Sheets are a simple way to add style (fonts, color, formatting)
to websites. Good CSS skills help ensure your website will be well-designed,
user friendly and appealing to

DCN's classes are free and are held in the City of Davis Training Lab, 600 A
 To register, contact admin at dcn.org or call 750-1170.
DCN offers other resources and services to area nonprofits and groups. Please
visit the Resource Allocation Committee's page at
to find our how your nonprofit can apply.

NOTE: The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) will host its annual ?Nonprofit
Technology Conference? in San Francisco on April 26-28. Over 1200 nonprofit
leaders from across the country will gather with peers to connect, share and
learn about the latest and most effective internet and webbased
technologies for ?changing the world.? This is an exceptional opportunity
for anyone working in the nonprofit sector. Davis Community Network is a proud
member. Visit nten.org for more information.
About DCNews: Behind the Modem Lines
DCNews: Behind the Modem Lines is an occasional online newsletter publication of
Davis Community Network, providing DCN subscribers and any interested community
members with an easy way to stay abreast of DCN activities. We are a unique,
community-based, mostly volunteer non-profit organization, whose mission is to
strengthen the community by helping people understand and benefit from
participation in the electronic information era.
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