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 DCN News
 July 8, 2009, Issue No. 7/09
 [image: Davis Community Network] <http://dcn.org/>

In this issue:

   1. DCN Board Recruiting Underway
   2. DCN Summer Intern Onboard!

 1. DCN Board Recruiting Now Underway
This is an exciting time for DCN right now!  After carefully considering our
needs, we have initiated a search to add several new board members in key
areas.  We are beginning concurrent searches for candidates to lead our
efforts in Funds Development, Outreach and Promotions and Educational

All of us recognize that DCN requires a base level of annual funding to
provide the services that our stakeholders depend upon.  Strengthening our
ability to successfully raise funding to better serve the community is a top
priority, so we are seeking an energetic Funds Development Lead to help us
in this important area.  We also understand that not everyone in the
community knows about DCN and all the good efforts to support valuable
non-profit organizations in our area.  An Outreach and Promotions Lead will
help us spread the good word and increase our visibility so more people
connect DCN with the worthy causes and organizations that we support.
Finally, we are very fortunate to have a top-flight university and high
performing public school systems in our backyard.  We want to strengthen and
expand our relationship with these vital stakeholders and an Educational
Outreach Lead will be key to our success in this area.

We seek your help in this important initiative!  If you or someone you know
of possesses the energy, vision and experience to help us move forward,
please share your thoughts and ideas by contacting our recruitment chair,
Brian Gegan, at (916) 549-3821 or Brian.Gegan at gmail.com.  To learn more, click
here <http://www2.dcn.org/dcn/about/committees/nomination/2009>.

*2. DCN Summer Intern brings social networking tools to local non-profits*
Sarah Robinson, a UC San Diego student, has joined DCN as a summer intern to
refine and roll out its own Facebook presence, as a prelude to adding social
networking tools to DCN’s "Internet Toolkit" for local non-profit
organizations.  Although Facebook's popularity started out primarily among
college students, its practical value for non-profit organizations is
evident in a growing subscribership among them.  There are many things to
consider as non-profits explore whether or not an investment in social
networking tools makes sense for their organization.  DCN's plans to share
its knowledge and experience with those interested in pursuing it.  If you
are interested in attending a class on this topic in the Fall, please send
your name and contact information to admin at dcn.org.

Davis Community Network <http://dcn.org/> is a nonprofit organization that
provides internet-related services and support to local nonprofit
organizations, public agencies, schools and individuals. We're putting the
power of the internet in the hands of people and organizations to connect,
engage, and build a stronger community - since 1993.

For DCN account and technical support, contact our partner OmSoft
Technologies: help at dcn.org or (530)758-0119 (Just say "DCN")

Other questions: admin at dcn.org or (530)750-1170

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