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DCN News
April 3, 2013, Issue No. 2/2013
[image: Davis Community Network] <http://dcn.org/>

In this issue:

   1. Free, local, useful, efficient classes this spring
   2. Someone hacked you! Now what?
   3. An improved web calendar, and tools, for all of Davis
   4. Invite a speaker from DCN to your service group
   5. Help celebrate Davis
   6. More new SimpleSite adopters

1. Free, local, useful, efficient classes this spring
Our schedule of spring classes is now available at www2.dcn.org/dcn/classes.
As always, the courses are free, taught in town, and useful (we do this for
free, so we'd be wasting our time, as well as yours, if they weren't
useful). Subjects this season include how to use DCN tools, putting video
online (taught by one of the people who helped bring the Internet to Davis,
incidentally), and email list management, plus two classes we are
particularly glad to offer … read the next two items for details.

2. Someone hacked you! Now what?
You've been hacked! Now what? We're still putting this session together,
but we are creating a class/panel to help people learn what to do if their
accounts have been hacked or infected. What do you do next? How do you
repair the damage? How do you deter repeat intrusions? Look for the class
in May, and check for schedule

   - Related viewing and reading:
      - *We Were Hacked: Here's What You Should
      by Mat Honan of Wired, and Matthew Prince of CloudFlare.
      - *Firm Is Accused of Sending Spam, and Fight Jams
      New York Times

3. An improved web calendar, and tools, for all of Davis
How to use DCN’s updated Web Calendar to benefit your group. Steve McMahon,
who created the updated version, will show you what’s new, plus how to use
it to promote your group’s events and activities. Both new and repeat
customers of the calendar should find this class useful. You can use this
tool to easily link into the master Community Calendar, hosted on a DCN
site at http://events.dcn.org.

   - Dozens of Davis groups already use the calendar, ranging from the
   Davis Schools Orchestral Music Association and the Yolo County Visitors
   Bureau to several PTAs and the Unofficial Davis Scrabble Club

4. Invite a speaker from DCN to your service group
If you need a speaker for your service club, and/or want to learn more
about how DCN assists community nonprofit technology, we'll be glad to send
our 2013 president, Bill Buchanan, over to your group for a chat. If
interested, please email him atwmrbuchanan at gmail.com. Don't let him off
easy by refusing to take us up on this offer. Read more about our roots at

5. Help celebrate Davis
Look for us at Celebrate Davis, May 16. Come say hello, ask us questions
about our tech tools, and … if we can pull this off … witness our
intercontinental wireless video talk with Tsui Chang, a longtime DCN
volunteer who is spending the year in China.

6. More new SimpleSite adopters
6) More groups have adopted DCN SimpleSites since our previous newsletter.
Check them out:

   - Yolo Chapter, California Grand Jurors'
   - Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights <http://groups.dcn.org/dcpr>
   - Davis Rugby Football Club <http://groups.dcn.org/davisrugby>

Anyone you know in one of these groups? Want to join the hundreds of Davis
and Yolo groups using SimpleSites? Go to

Davis Community Network <http://dcn.org/> is a nonprofit organization that
provides Internet-related services and support to local nonprofit
organizations, public agencies, schools and individuals. We're putting the
power of the Internet in the hands of people and organizations to connect,
engage, and build a stronger community - since 1993.

Follow us on Facebook <http://facebook.com/dcn.org>.

For DCN account and technical support, contact our partner OmSoft
Technologies: help at dcn.org or (530)758-0119 (Just say "DCN")

Other questions: admin at dcn.org or (530)750-1170

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