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DCN News
June 7, 2013, Issue No. 4/2013
[image: Davis Community Network] <http://dcn.org/>

In this issue:

   1. How to get unhacked and uninfected
   2. Ask the question you’ve always wanted to ask
   3. Special invite to newly appointed Davis parent group volunteer

1. How to get unhacked and uninfected
We have extended our spring class series this year to make room for what
should be an exceptionally useful session on June 18: "My Account Has Been
Hacked/Infected: What Do I Do Now?" The panel, hosted by DCN Vice President
Teri Greenfield, features three subject experts from Davis:

   - *Jamie Morton*, owner of Davis Computer Doctor
   - *Bob Ono*, who just retired as IT security coordinator for UC Davis
   - *Rob Nickerson*, owner of Omsoft Technologies and a DCN board member

The class, free as always, will last from 7 to 8:15 p.m. Thursday, June 18,
in the Valente Room at the Davis Senior Center, 646 A St. Please register
in advance atwww2.dcn.org/dcn/classes/signup or call 530-750-1170.

Topics include:

   - How to keep from getting hacked or infected
   - How to recover if you do get hacked or infected
   - How to stay secure

Plus …

2. Ask the question you've always wanted to ask
If you could ask one question of a computer security expert, what would it
be? We are collecting questions for the June 18 class. Send a question to
admin at dcn.org <http://www2.dcn.org/dcn/newsl/admin@dcn.org>, then come hear

3. Special invite to newly appointed Davis parent group volunteer webmasters
Are you a Davis parent who just picked up web duties for your volunteer
group for the 2013-14 school year? To learn how using SimpleSites can help
you – and make life easier for your successor a year from now -- go to
http://www2.dcn.org/dcn/about/committees/rac/. Read about our un-data-mined
websites, email lists, and calendar, all free to Davis-area nonprofits,
then send us a request if we can help.

If you’re taking over an existing website built with DCN resources, check
out our online tutorial videos <http://www2.dcn.org/dcn/help/tutorialvideos>

Davis Community Network <http://dcn.org/> is a nonprofit organization that
provides Internet-related services and support to local nonprofit
organizations, public agencies, schools and individuals. We're putting the
power of the Internet in the hands of people and organizations to connect,
engage, and build a stronger community - since 1993.

Follow us on Facebook <http://facebook.com/dcn.org>.

For DCN account and technical support, contact our partner OmSoft
Technologies: help at dcn.org or (530)758-0119 (Just say "DCN")

Other questions: admin at dcn.org or (530)750-1170

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