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DCN News
July 27, 2013, Issue No. 5/2013
[image: Davis Community Network] <http://dcn.org/>

In this issue:

   1. "I've been hacked/infected" class videos now available
   2. Before the fall rush of volunteer activities begins...
   3. It's not spam, it's just no longer needed
   4. Is the website down? Ask here
   5. New calendar customers

1. "I've been hacked/infected" class videos now available
About 50 people turned out for DCN's "My Account Has Been Hacked/Infected:
What Do I Do Now?" class in mid-June. If you missed it, or want to revisit
the useful information presented by the panelists, watch these free videos
posted on YouTube:

   - Part 1 by Rob Nickerson, owner, Omsoft Technologies, and a DCN board
   - Part 2 by Jamie Morton, owner, Davis Computer Doctor,
   - Part 3 by Bob Ono, Former IT security coordinator, UC Davis,

We thank Morton, Ono, and Nickerson for volunteering their time and

We'll offer additional free classes this fall; look for updates in the next
edition of this newsletter.

2. Before the fall rush of volunteer activities begins...
August is a fine month to brush up on any Davis volunteer organization web
duties you have acquired for 2013-14. See if one of these how-to video
tutorials has what you need:

   - Adding a Facebook box to your SimpleSite
   - Adding a footer to your SimpleSite
   - Changing a SimpleSite's visual theme using a stylesheet from DCN's
   - Adding a custom CSS and graphic logo to a SimpleSite
   - Embedding a video in your SimpleSite
   - Adding a video to your SimpleSite without embedding
   - Logging In and out for SimpleSites
   - Managing folders on Your SimpleSite
   - Changing administrative passwords in Mailman

Find the list and links at www2.dcn.org/dcn/an/20120330.

3. It's not spam, it's just no longer needed
Please help us spread the word to your email list members: When they want
to exit your list (often because their child has graduated), ask them to
unsubscribe, and not to mark messages from the list as spam. Labeling
messages as spam will disrupt the distribution of your emails to the people
who still want to receive them.

To unsubscribe from any list that uses DCN tools, look at the bottom of
messages you receive from the list. There you should find instructions on
unsubscribing, or on how to find a "listinfo" page from which you may
unsubscribe. If you can't find that information, visit
http://mailman.dcn.org/listinfo and look for the name of your list. Brief
instructions at the top of this listinfo page will tell you how to

4. Is a website down? Ask here
When you can't get access to a website and wonder if the problem is theirs
or yours, this free resource can help. Type in the address of the website
you're wondering about – the title says it all:

5. Newest calendar users
Newest customers of the DCN calendar:

   - Yolo Community Care Continuum, http://y3c.org
   - Davis Art Center, www.davisartcenter.org

DCN's web calendar tool lets a group more easily update both its own online
calendar and the shared Davis Community Calendar.
www2.dcn.org/dcn/about/projects/dlit/simple-website/calendar/, or at
Also – the DCN community calendar is a great place to check if you are
planning an event and want to see what else is happening that day. The more
groups use the calendar, the more useful it will be for the entire

Davis Community Network <http://dcn.org/> is a nonprofit organization that
provides Internet-related services and support to local nonprofit
organizations, public agencies, schools and individuals. We're putting the
power of the Internet in the hands of people and organizations to connect,
engage, and build a stronger community - since 1993.

Follow us on Facebook <http://facebook.com/dcn.org>.

For DCN account and technical support, contact our partner OmSoft
Technologies: help at dcn.org or (530)758-0119 (Just say "DCN")

Other questions: admin at dcn.org or (530)750-1170

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