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DCN News
November 12, 2013, Issue No. 7/2013
[image: Davis Community Network] <http://dcn.org/>

In this issue:

   1. Kickstarter it!
   2. Fresh (if lengthy) insights on privacy
   3. Ransomware alert

1. Kickstarter it!
People in Davis have used
help fund projects. Learn what it is and how it works in a free class
6:30-8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21, taught by Jeff Tolentino of Davis
Makerspace. The class will meet in the Technology Department Lab of the
Davis Joint Unified District at 526 B Street (see
Sign up athttp://www2.dcn.org/dcn/classes/signup.

To hear a KDRT interview with a Davis artist who used Kickstarter to pay
for his upcoming picture book, go to http://www.kdrt.org/node/12939 and
listen to the discussion with Jed Alexander, which starts 15 minutes in.

2. Fresh (if lengthy) insights on privacy
Online privacy is a fast-moving target. Here are two articles that can help
you keep up:

   1. "... The commercial interests of technology companies and the policy
   interests of government agencies have converged: both are interested in the
   collection and rapid analysis of user data. Google and Facebook are
   compelled to collect ever more data to boost the effectiveness of the ads
   they sell. Government agencies need the same data—they can collect it
   either on their own or in cooperation with technology companies—to pursue
   their own programs."

   "Many of those programs deal with national security. But such data can
   be used in many other ways that also undermine privacy...."

   *from "The Real Privacy Problem
   by Evgeny Morozov, MIT Technology Review*

   2. "This paper presents an in-depth look at surveillance and privacy
   problems faced by individuals who turn to digital literacy organizations
   for training and Internet access, including low income individuals, people
   of color, immigrants, the elderly, and non-English speakers. These
   individuals are coming online without adequate skills, know-how, and social
   support to confront digitally enabled government surveillance and corporate
   intrusions of personal privacy."

   *from the introduction to "Joining the Surveillance Society? New
   Internet Users in an Age of Tracking
   by Seeta Gangadharan, New America Foundation*

3. Ransomware alert
Not that anyone needs it, but here's a new reminder of why you should be
deeply skeptical of opening any email or attachments you aren't expecting:
Ransomware. UC Davis, like other universities and colleges, has recently
reported instances of CryptoLocker on campus email accounts. The ransomware
usually arrives via an attached virus, encrypts data on the victim’s
machine, then demands a payment to get the data back. This
the UCLA Faculty Association blog has more about it.

Ransomware is just one set of malware out there, of course. For a
Davis-focused discussion on what you can do to prevent or recover from
these attacks, see these videos from the DCN class last June, "My Account
Has Been Hacked/Infected: What Do I Do

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