[Dhsbb-jazz] Refreshments needed for Oct. 15 katrina benefit concert

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I will do cups and napkins.  How many napkins should I buy?  I may have
enough on hand already.

Willa Pettygrove AICP
Bowman Grove Community Service Planning
FAX 530-750-0975
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Dear Band(s) and Jazz Choir support personnel (i.e. parents and the

As you know, there will be a concert on October 15 organized by Colin
Borges (see attached email) to help Hurricane Katrina victims.     I am
coordinating refreshments ..... but I need some help.     Specifically:

   ---    15 people to bring 3 dozen cookies/other baked goods

      We don't belong to Sam's club or Costco so I am hoping someone can
      purchase (I will pay you back):
      ---    Cups for drinks (we need 500 total)
      ----   Napkins
      --     Lemonade and Iced Tea Mix  (I am going to get those big
      and make gallons of the stuff  for drinks)

WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME!     So PLEASE contact me sooner than later if
can help!

Pat Fyhrie  (mom of trumpet player Katie Fyhrie)
patricia.b.fyhrie at gm.com

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