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     Christopher Stansell (jazz band member) is out of town on a trip with 
his father this weekend and so will be unable to participate but will 
certainly participate next weekend.   Thanks, Pat Stansell

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>Subject: [Dhsbb-jazz] FW: CarWash Fundraiser
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>Subject: FW: CarWash Fundraiser
>Calling All Cars!  Car Wash Fundraiser
>The Davis High School Band students will take time on two consecutive
>Saturday mornings-October 8th and October 15th, from 8AM-Noon-to wash cars
>to raise money for the upcoming Combined Band Spring Tour.  This year's 
>to San Diego will include the Concert, Symphonic and Jazz Bands. Please
>bring your dirty cars to the DJUSD parking lot at the corner of 4th and B
>Streets (across from the Farmer's Market).  Suggested donation is $5 per
>Band Students and Parents:  We need help!  Please plan to bring:
>HOSES and SPRAY SHUT OFF NOZZLES (These will be returned to you if you mark
>them clearly)
>BUCKETS  (1 per student)
>RAGS or SPONGES  (2 per student)
>DRY TOWELS  (2 per student)
>SQUEEGES  (1 per student)
>WINDEX (optional)
>(Soap will be provided.)
>Please arrive before 8 AM and park on streets away from the parking lot so
>patrons will have space.  The fundraiser will be over by noon, and we will
>need volunteers to help us clean up.

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