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Tue Oct 18 21:54:41 PDT 2005

Thanks to everyone who contributed so generously at the Hurricane Benefit Concert on Saturday. The attendance was fantastic. From the tickets issued and programs given out, there may have been about 400 people in the 500-seat theater.

Here's a list of what was collected:

Red Cross                            $2098

CDs                                          347

CD Players                                   7

Radio/Cassette Players                  2

Batteries                                    138

Pet Collars/Leashes                    157

Refreshment Sales                      $80

This is not a final total since donations are still coming in. 

The pet collars and leashes are already in Tylertown, Miss. My Mom took them there on Sunday. There are many dogs and cats still arriving at the shelter in bad shape. The shelter that was supposed to close next week will be continuing their work until Thanksgiving.

I'm going to go to the local record stores to see whether they can add to the collection of CDs before I send it off to 2 small towns in Louisiana (see the story at  www.davisenterprise.com/articles/2005/09/17/news/106new0.txt ) 

I would like to get any photos and videos of the event. If you have any or know of anyone who has, can I get a copy?

Thanks again,
Colin Borges 
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