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Mon Oct 24 17:51:51 PDT 2005

 Jazz Band families...  Fred Lange has included an article in the November
newsletter regarding the Jazz Band uniforms. He asks any family unable to
pay the cost of the shirt or tie to contact him directly.  You may also
contact Dennis Edgerley, the Band Boosters treasurer. All contacts will be
completely confidential.

 Steve Williams
Newsletter Editor

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Dear jazz band families,  there are approximately 7 new band members that
have not yet gone to james anthony's to be measured for the blue uniform
shirt. The price of the shirt was originally $34.50 but we are getting them
for $27. The final order for shirts will not be placed until all remaining
families have been to the store.  in other words, one family will delay the
order for all remaining families.  if you are a new member but already have
a shirt (such as the Contes) please let me know so that i can contact nick
at james anthony's. our first performance is in less than 4 weeks so time is
of the essence. the kids selected the tie and they have been ordered.  the
ties are $35 but i think we will get them for $25. each family is responsibe
for their musician's uniform.  the kids are going to look great!!! thanks.
deb hartnett

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