[Dhsbb-jazz] FWD: pep band update

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Wed Jun 28 14:10:39 PDT 2006

    The DHS Pep Band will be proudly participating  in the Fourth of July 
Kiddie Parade next Tuesday (the Fourth of July).  We  will be meeting at the 
intersection of 2nd and C streets at 9:30 A.M. the  morning of the Fourth.  Bring 
your instruments and cases with you, and we  can put cases in my car.  We will 
walk the parade route (only 2 blocks) and  end in Central Park.  There will 
be an awards ceremony, and then we will  play some selections from our 
repertoire.  We should be finished about 11  A.M.  The theme will be "red, white & 
    The band room will be open the morning of the  parade, so I will be able 
to collect the drums and bring them to the meeting  point.  If you are 
available to participate in the parade please e-mail me  at _jabrazil07 at aol.com_ 
(mailto:jabrazil07 at aol.com)  with your name,  instrument, phone number and e-mail 
address.  I will be getting in touch  with those people who respond.  Also, 
remember that alumni are welcome to  participate.  See you all on the Fourth!
-Jack Brazil
Pep Band Director

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