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Wed Jun 28 22:01:45 PDT 2006

Happy Summer to all Jazz Band Families!!

To those of you who are planning to go to Monterey on September 16-17, read
To those of you that will be away at college...we will MISS you!

Thank you to Sharon Amon for doing an extensive search and for finding us a
hotel about a half hour's drive (at most in traffic) to the Monterey
Fairgrounds.  Last year we stayed in Salinas, this year the hotel is a bit
closer to Monterey, in Marina.  Because this festival is so popular, most
Monterey hotels are sold out (or just have a few rooms available) and are
charging their highest rates.

The Jazz Band is scheduled to play on Sunday, September 17, at 3pm.  Mr.
Lange would like students to attend the festival on Saturday, so we have
booked the hotel for one night, *Saturday, September 16, 2006 *.

If your family would like one of these rooms, please call the Ramada Inn in
Marina directly at *831-582-9100*.  The reservation is under Davis High Jazz
Band or Sharon Amon.  Sharon currently has all 21 rooms reserved on her
credit card.

7 rooms with 2 queens are reserved for students and 1 king handicap
accessible for the director.  That leaves 9 king/sofa rooms and 4 more 2
queen rooms for families.  Call soon to get your choice of rooms.  You will
need to hold your room with your credit card.  Any rooms not taken by
September 1st will be lost.

IF you prefer your child to stay with you, please let me know ASAP.

IF you would like to be a chaperon, please email me at leslichuck at gmail.com.
You would still need to book your own room...thanks in advance=)

Here is the hotel info...it is a new hotel, less than a year old and
includes breakfast...all for *$99 plus tax*.


We will have a meeting once school starts to fill out paper work, collect
money for the kids rooms, work out carpoools, etc.

Thank you,
 -lesli chuck (Tyler's mom)
leslichuck at gmail.com

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