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Sun Sep 10 14:10:37 PDT 2006

Children's Therapy Center (CTC) is having a fund raiser Saturday
September 23 at the Mondavi Center studio Theatre featuring a Musical
Savant, Tony DeBlois.  He is amazing!

He is a 32 years-old man that is autistic and blind.  Despite his
limitations, he is a musical prodigy that plays over 20 instruments, has
over 8,000 songs in his musical repertoire, and is a true showman. He is
so inspiring and is an excellent example of the impact that dedication
of resources and perseverance can have on a young person's
life.....especially those with disabilities.

If anyone is interested in seeing her perform contact CTC directly at
530 668-1010.  Tickets are $65 in advance and $75 at the door (if they
are still available).  This includes a full dinner catered by Pasta ?
and hosted wine and beer and the concert by Tony.

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