[Dhsbb-jazz] Safeway/Escrip Back to School Promotions

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Mon Sep 18 08:59:13 PDT 2006

Hi everyone -

Safeway and Escrip are distributing Rewards  Coupons between now and  
October 7.  These rewards are based on purchases of certain items  
made at Safeway between July 19 and Sept 5.

If you shop at Safeway, you may receive a cash register tape that  
includes a coupon similar to the one below.  If it has a redemption  
code printed on the face, please save it and drop it in the mail to  
me, Amelia Triest, 1005 Cornell Drive, Davis, CA  95616 or send it to  
school with your student and have them leave it in the envelope in  
the band room.    The envelope will be picked up on October 9.  You  
may also collect any coupons from friends and relatives and donate  
them to the bands as long as they have a redemption code on the face.

If the coupon DOES NOT have a redemption code on the face, you do not  
need to do anything at all.  it means that you are already registered  
with Escrip and your contributions will be deposited in the Band  
Boosters account, or the account of whatever group you were  
registered for during the summer.

See example of coupon (with redemption code) below:

Thanks for your support!

Amelia Triest
home phone:  757-2914
Amelia Triest
Department of Music
University of California
Davis, CA  95616
Tel   530.754.7092
Fax  530.752.0983
atriest at ucdavis.edu

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