[Dhsbb-jazz] Sophomores and Juniors: Passports Required for Next Year's Band Trip!

DHS Band Boosters - Jazz Band dhsbb-jazz at velocipede.dcn.davis.ca.us
Thu Jun 7 09:36:11 PDT 2007

To all students returning to Symphonic, Concert and/or Jazz Bands for  
2007 - 2008:

The Band Trip next year (May, 2008) is to Victoria, British  
Columbia.  New regulations require that EVERY person returning from  
Canada to the US have a valid passport.

There are NO exceptions.  If a student does not have a passport he or  
she will not be able to participate in this trip, which is a fabulous  

If your student already has a passport, please confirm that it will  
be valid for several months after May, 2008 (there can reportedly be  
issues if one travels with a passport close to expiration).

If your student does not have a passport, please take advantage of  
the summer vacation to apply for one.  Application forms are at the  
Post Office.  Passport pictures can be taken at a number of locations  
(the Post Office, Longs, Kinkos, PostMark's, Costco, etc.).  It  
appears to be taking two months for the application to be processed.

Ideally, everyone should have valid passports by the beginning of the  
next academic year.  Please start the process NOW!

Best regards,
Peter Matlock

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