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Hello everyone! This is Ana Ebrahimi, your 07-08 pep band director! I wanted to let you know there will be the one and only pep band of the summer next wednesday, july 4th! We will be playing for the Kiwanis Kiddie Parade in the morning. Details:
  Where to meet: 3rd and C (you can't park on the street, but try to get there early/on time so you can park close by)
  When: be there 9:30am, the parade starts and 10am! the parade is only two blocks, so it should end around 11am
  What: we will play a few songs before the parade and most of the songs after the parade at central park. If anyone knows the national anthem (singing or playing) let me know!
  Why: THE KIDS LOVE US!! everyone truly enjoys the spirit we bring with our awesome songs, and it would be truly memorable if we had the biggest band we could playing peppy songs and having fun
  Theme: AMERICA! so red, white, and blue, etc.
  Please e-mail me back if you can make it (ESPECIALLY DRUMMERS)!! any questions call (530) 758-7603 or e-mail me at ana_gymnastic at yahoo.com. Thank you all and happy summering!

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