[Dhsbb-jazz] Update on Delta Jazz Festival

Peter Matlock matlockpeter at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 30 18:36:33 PST 2007

Dear Jazz Band Parents,
  There will be no pizza party after the Jazz Festival tomorrow.  Once the post-performance clinic is complete and results posted students are free to return home.  
  The rest of this email is neither endorsed nor sanctioned by the School:
  For those interested, the Mountain Mike's Pizza at 1000 W. Robinhood Drive says they will show the Big Game (Cal - Stanford) if requested.  Going to Mountain Mike's is entirely a personal decision, yet offers a chance to see this annual and defining Bay Area sports event--which is now inextricably linked to bands (and trombone players) by virtue of The Play (note that this year is the 25th anniversary of that tragic event).  
  Anyone so inclined is certainly welcome to come and enjoy this game in a non-partisan setting (Beat Cal!).  From Delta College, head south on Pacific Avenue towards W. March Lane, take a u-turn at March and proceed north on Pacific, then turn left on W. Robinhood Drive immediately after passing the campus (Go Card!).  
  Please feel welcome to come, regardless of your favorite team (Go Trees!).

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