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  Dear Jazz Band Parents,
  There have been a few revisions to the Monterey schedule and requests to provide specific directions to the venues.  Below please find a revised and more comprehensive schedule for this coming weekend’s Monterey Next Generation Festival:
  Planned departure time is 3:35 PM.  There are no excused absences from classes unless you individually decide to excuse your student.  REMEMBER TO RETURN THE SIGNED STUDENT PERMISSION SLIPS TO MR. LANGE!
  Students may bring their luggage in the morning and store it in the Band Room so we can depart more quickly at the end of school.
  Carpools will leave from just outside the IPAB.  Please have your student go to the IPAB as quickly as possible at the end of school.  Grab luggage, find the assigned driver and go!  
  Be sure each student has their instrument and complete Jazz Band uniform (including shirt, tie, slacks, black socks/stockings, black shoes, belt).
  Upon arrival in Monterey I will be getting room keys and distributing keys for each room to your student’s chaperone.  Please find the list of chaperones and room-mates at the end of this email.  Your student will be responsible for finding their chaperone during the Christian McBride concert, or (more likely) immediately after the concert outside the Golden State Theater (we will have all chaperones together as a group just outside the theater and intend to be highly visible).
  Concerts Friday night are listed at:
  Mr. Lange expects students to attend the 8:30 Christian McBride concert (Golden State Theater).  This is a free event (all concerts are free), and seating is limited.   Mr. Lange recommends that students arrive at 6:45 to be sure we have seats for Christian McBride (there is a 7:15 warm-up concert).  The theater is at 417 Alvarado Street and is close to the Convention Center and Portola Hotel; directions are at:
  LOCATION: The Golden State Theatre is located at 417 Alvarado Street,
  Monterey CA 93940 between Bonifacio Place and Franklin Street, directly
  across from Walgreens.
  FROM HWY1-S / 68-W: Take the MONTEREY exit towards Fisherman's
  Wharf/Peninsula College. Exit ramp becomes FREMONT STREET. Fremont
  becomes MUNRAS AVENUE. Make a slight right turn on ALVARADO STREET
  (note: one way street).
  FROM HWY1-NORTH: Take the MONTEREY exit. Merge onto MUNRAS
  AVENUE. Make a slight left turn on MUNRAS/EL DORADO to stay on Munras.
  Make another slight left turn at the second stop sign intersection to stay on
  Munras. Make a slight right on ALVARADO STREET (note: one way street).
  Given driving times from Davis, this means pretty much arriving in Monterey and going straight to the concert--plan food accordingly.
  There is a required chaperone check-in right after this concert!  Be sure you meet your chaperone so they know you are present, know what you will be doing after the Christian McBride concert, and are sure you have your room key.  After this concert students will have three choices:  
  1.      Attend the Berklee Latin Jazz All Stars concert at 10:00 PM at the Live Monterey Jazz Club, which is at 414 Alvarado Street, across from the Golden State Theater.  The Club has seats for 100 people, so there’s no guarantee we’ll be able to get in (all or any of us

  2.     Go out for dessert/late-night snacks.  We have two recommendations:
  a.    Mr. Lange likes the Peter B’s brewpub in the Portola hotel, which he says has great food.
  b.    Lesli Chuck investigated Rosine’s on Alvarado, which is one of the few places that can take a large group (we’ll have to get there before 10:00 PM--they close earlier but will take people until 10 PM):
  3.     Go to the hotel room to get some sleep
  Lights out:  Midnight.  Chaperones will check each room.  This is another required Chaperone check-in time!  Your chaperone must know that you are in your assigned room, ready to sleep.
  Chaperones make sure their assigned students are up at the designated hour (7:00 AM seems reasonable)—leaving them sufficient time to have breakfast, dress in uniforms, pack, and check-out (chaperones will inspect the rooms prior to check-out).  After check-out, students will either need to make arrangements with parents for their luggage/instruments and/or carry them throughout the day (probably better to stash luggage somewhere—either with parents or checked at the hotel lobby--and carry instruments).
  Mr. Lange expects students to attend as many concerts and clinics as possible.  High School Band competitions begin at 9:00 AM in the Serra Ballroom.  Be sure the students are there to listen!
  High School Bands will play in the Serra Ballroom of the Monterey Conference Center, which is located adjacent to the Portola Hotel.  Directions are available at:
  Lesli Chuck investigated options for lunch, in addition to whatever on-site food may be available (note Bands will be playing through the lunch hour):
  "For those who want to get together for lunch on Saturday, meet on the wharf at 11:30 to beat the lunch crowd. We can split into smaller groups, as no place can accommodate our large group.  Take your pick of restaurants...

  Clinics are at 11:00 (Berklee Latin Jazz) and 2:00 (Christian McBride).  Mr. Lange wants students to attend the Christian McBride clinic for sure, even though they will have to leave early to be at the 2:30 PM warm-up in the DeAnza Ballroom.
  Chaperone check-in time at 2:30 in the DeAnza Ballroom--which is where everyone should be anyway!
  DHS Jazz Band performs at 3:00 PM in the Serra Ballroom.
  There are special performances in the Serra Ballroom at 5:00 PM, with Big Band awards at 6:15 PM.  
  At the end of the evening (either after the awards ceremony or after the call-back performances), be sure to check-in with your chaperone so your chaperone knows you are either spending the night with your parent or driving back to Davis with either your assigned carpool driver or your parent.
  Please go to the web sites referenced above and print out the pdf maps; it will help orient you to activities and locations for this weekend.  
  Room and Chaperone Assignments Follow:
  Room A—Chaperon: Mr. Hunt
  Alex Reiff
  James Blake
  Tyler Chuck
  Anton Kueltz
  Room B—Chaperon: Mr. Merges
  Kevin Choy
  Andrew Voss
  Room C—Chaperone: Mr. Merges
  Jon Kelly
  Robbie Merges
  Diego Rivas
  Nathan Yang
  Room D—Chaperone: Mr. Hunt
  Kevin Qi
  Chris Hunt
  Colin McDaniel
  James Chinn
  Room E—Chaperone: Mr. Merges
  Jon Hatamiya
  Richard O’Brien
  Alex Matlock
  Nick Duffy
  Room X—Chaperone: Ms. Kate Scow
  Ema Miille
  Daisy Zhou
  Teneya Natov
  Heron Scow
  Room Y—Chaperone: Ms. Carina Moore
  Liz Weir
  Jean Coleman
  Liliana Moore
  Christine Hulsizer
  Room Z—Chaperone: Ms. Kate Scow
  Aviel Haberman
  Michelle Rabowsky
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