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DHS Jazz Band Parents,
Peter and I were glad we were able to meet with some of you right after the Band Booster meeting last night.  As you know we are planning to compete in the Reno Jazz Festival.  This is a large Festival with very high end schools and colleges, so the music will be great.  This Festival definitely will give our sons and daughters a reason to continue working hard on their music.
With the help and input of some of you we made some final decisions:
1.  The Festival (4/23-25) starts with a concert Thursday night and the competition occurs on Friday and Saturday.  Mr. Lange has requested that our Jazz band play Friday afternoon, but this is still totally up in the air right now.  We will go down Friday morning and plan to stay in the hotel Friday night.  The competition will be very keen, but if we are selected as one of the top bands and asked to a call back performance, the Jazz band will play and that performance will occur on Saturday evening.   After  we hear from the judges that we are not being called back or after the Saturday evening call back performance (whatever the case may be), you are free to leave the Festival.  We are only booking the hotel for Friday night, so if the Jazz band plays on Saturday evening and you do not want to drive back to Davis in the middle of the night, you need to make separate lodging arrangements.
2.  We are booking rooms at the Silver Legacy hotel for all the students (combo students as well) and parents who want to stay there for Friday night (1 night only) under a group rate of $189 per room per night (We already negotiated this price down and they are unwilling to go down any further on the group rate).  The reason we are doing the group rate is because the hotel staff is telling us they will try their best to keep all the rooms in the same area (this hotel is huge).  The reason we are choosing the Silver Legacy is because we know this area of town and it is in walking distance to the University of Nevada campus.  Apparently parking at the Festival may be problematic and there are parking fees. 
3.  Because of hotel policy (hotel is also a casino), we need to have a parent/student ratio of 1/3.  Thus, if you are on the fence about going, we encourage to go.  We will be talking about the logistics of this parent/student ratio later.
4.  Most important right now :
A.  Do you want a room at the Silver Legacy?
B.  How many of you are going?
C.  If there only one of you, do you want to share a room with another parent?
       (4 students per room and 2 parents per room is planned)
We need to know this information by the end of Saturday.
Combo parents – We need to know if all of you are going to keep your reservation at the Travel lodge.   We are assuming your students will go to the Silver Legacy.
Mike and Peter
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