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Canada Trip is less than 2 months away!  Be on the lookout for  frequent 
updates with important information about the trip.
Some things to think about:
Cell Phones:
Be sure to check your cell phone rates for Canada.  Some plans let you  add 
coverage when you travel for a certain country if you don't already have  
it.  Be sure to check calling AND texting rates and talk with your child  
before the trip as to how much they should use their phone.  We have become  
used to texting and calling frequently during the day but this could become 
very  costly when international roaming charges start adding up!  
Currency Exchange:
We will be in a foreign country and in Canada the Canadian Dollar is  used. 
 Current rates today are 94 cents = $1 U.S.  Some places may  take US money 
in Victoria, but will always give you change back in Canadian  dollars.  We 
will talk with the students about spending their Canadian  change before 
arriving back in Washington at the end of the trip.  The  students can change 
money at the hotel desk depending on the hotel's cash  flow at the time, but 
the best way is to use the bank down the street, or the  currency exchange 
machine in town nearby.  We will have directions to  places where money can 
be exchanged and be available for assistance for anyone  who needs help.  
And as always - be sure you have your travel documents (passport/ official  
birth certificate) and check the band booster website for more information 
if  you aren't sure what your child will need to bring.  Extra supporting  
documents may be needed for students coming from dual households or single  
parents with sole custody of a child, or students with passports other than 
from  the USA, so do check the band website for specific details on that.
Individual emails with installment news specific to your child will be  
coming soon, so watch for those from John Horn.  
Katie Horn
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