[Dhsbb-jazz] FW: Needed: EVERY PTA and Booster Group Geared Up and Rolling for Measure A

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Fri Mar 25 09:14:14 PDT 2011

Dear DHS Band Boosters,

Below is a message from Sheila Allen, a Davis School Board member, DHS Band Booster, and band & choir mom in the secondary schools.
We need your help to spread the word to VOTE YES on Measure A.
Please see Sheila's note below.

Thank you for your support,

John Horn
DHS Band Booster President

>From Sheila Allen:

The clock is ticking and time is running out to save our Davis School programs for this fall.

Thank you! Thank you! I truly understand how busy you are and I thank you and the students thank you for all that you have done so far!

Measure A is the best and only solution the district has to bring in $3 million dollars of needed funding for the next 2 years.  We need EVERYONE'S help starting today.

Here is your checklist for your organization:
__ Phone Bank Volunteers
__ Weekly newsletter or listserv information
__ Talk it up!  Talk to other parents, place on every agenda until it passes on May 3.

Need more information??  www.yesforourstudents.org<http://www.yesforourstudents.org/>

You personally hold the keys to keeping our schools great.  This will be the easiest and most productive fundraiser you will ever be involved in and here is how:

1- Phone Banks - TOP PRIORITY - We have a list of previously supportive voters who need to be called so they know there is an election and we need their vote.  Every PTA and Booster group needs to fill the phone bank with at least 15 volunteers.  If you need help finding volunteers and for all your phone bank questions contact our fabulous phone bank coordinator Leslie Hunter at  leslie_q_hunter at hotmail.com<http://us.mc334.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=leslie_q_hunter@hotmail.com>.

Helpful Hint: Phone bank volunteers need more than a general email going out.  Have your room or grade representatives or executive committee each be responsible for getting 1 or 2 people there.  Talk to your principal and your teachers.  Email, call, remind, remind again.

Phone banking is every Mon - Thurs. 6:30-8:30 at 425 Second Street, at Coldwell Banker offices (not the house).  Its fun and easy.  Bring your cheery voice and we provide the phone script.

2- Weekly information in newsletter or listservs.  We need to get the word out every week in every newsletter until May 3 (election deadline).  Watch your email for a new "Measure A blurb" every Sunday from Stuart Drown sadrowndavis at yahoo.com<http://us.mc334.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=sadrowndavis@yahoo.com>. Post it yourself or get it to your newsletter person right away.

Remember this is a mail-in-only election so people will need to find the ballot in their mailbox and mail it in to be counted.  The vote requires 2/3 majority to pass so we really need all of our supportive families to dig that ballot out of their Spring Break week mail.

3- Talk it up!   Word of mouth from a trusted friend or leader is our best chance.  Learn about Measure A ( http://www.djusd.net/district/measa/measa#frequently-asked-questions-about ) then chat about it while waiting to pick up, in the grocery line, make an announcement at a concert, "Like" Measure A on your facebook...

Yes For Our Davis Students<http://www.facebook.com/pages/Davis-CA/Yes-For-Our-Davis-Students/167327999982053>

Make sure to agendize Measure A for every one of your meetings between today and May 3 so you can give an update and remind people to vote and get involved.

I was a PTA President just a few years ago.  I know what an important job it is and I am asking for your help.  Please take a deep breath, get excited and get involved.  Your enthusiasm is contagious.

*Please send a quick response back to me so I know everyone received this information.*
*see I am checking if you read the instructions all the way to the end :)

Go A Team Go!

Sheila Allen
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