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Wed Feb 15 15:53:30 PST 2012

Hi all,
The San Diego Band Trip is just about 2 months away!  Things are  coming 
together really nicely - the trip tee shirt design contest is underway,  and 
kids will be signing up for hotel roommates (groups of 5) and busses in  
early March.  And costs keep getting better and better - almost have a firm  
trip cost set, but we are likely going to be spending LESS on this trip than 
the  band did 3 years ago when we took the same trip!  
While most trip jobs are covered there is one really important job we still 
 need help with. This is a simple job that can be done by any adult, 
whether  you are going along on the trip or not.
We are in desperate need of a parent to help organize the  Departure Day 
On the day we leave, kids will bring their luggage to school and check in  
before classes in the morning.  Parent volunteers will check off lists to  
ensure each student has checked in their suitcase, instrument etc, and then  
watch over the area until our busses arrive and are loaded.  They will also  
ask to be sure students have important items such as bag lunch, collapsible 
 music stands etc...and if not, this will give the students time to round 
up  missing items before we leave.  
We need one or 2 parents to coordinate this important day, and then another 
 handful to help check the kids in throughout the morning.  
PLEASE, if you have a little time to help put this together in April, let  
me know.
While this job comes and goes in a short period of time, we cannot safely  
organize the kids and their belongings without someone in charge making it  
Just let me know by phone or email if you can help.

Katie Horn
Trip Coordinator
_jazzyhorns at aol.com_ (mailto:jazzyhorns at aol.com) 
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