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Tue Feb 21 14:47:12 PST 2012

Hi Jazz Band folks,
Not a great surprise that United has again changed our flights for New  
Orleans.  Fortunately, everything is within 5 or 10 min. of our last  flights, 
so not a big deal.  Just keeps getting better for our tight return  from New 
Orleans as now we have an additional 4 minutes to get to the airport  after 
our concert/lunch on Sunday :)

For those interested in the details  here is the latest info:
4/10  Depart SMF flight #332 at 1:53 p.m.,  land in ORD (Chicago)  7:51 
p.m., connect to flight #502 which departs at 8:58 p.m. and arrives MSY at  
11:20 p.m.
4/15:  Depart MSY flight # 630 at 3:36 p.m., land in DEN 5:30 p.m.,  
connect to flight #375 departing at 6:55 p.m. and return to SMF at 8:34  p.m.
Also, I need to submit full legal names and birth dates of all  travelers 
(ADULTS and KIDS) going on the trip this week.  
If you went to Canada I likely have that info from last year.  If you  know 
your child didn't go on the Victoria Band Trip last year,  please feel  
free to send that info ASAP.  All parents going on this trip please also  send 
me the info as listed below.  Thanks.
Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Birthdate, 
Also, when we travel, all kids will need to bring government ID with them  
if over 18, (Driver's license.  If they are over 18 and don't have a DL,  
then an official DMV  ID card or birth certificate will be needed).   If under 
18, still bring a DL if possible, or school ID otherwise.  
It's gonna be great!
PS:  Don't forget to RSVP to Sheila Allen about the Jazz Band/Jazz  Choir 
potluck on Sat. March 31st at Stonegate.  We are hoping all travelers  will 
attend, and hopefully it will be a good time for all the adults going on  the 
trip to gather and talk about specific details of the trip.  Many folks  
are traveling separately from the band, and so there are some special 
logistics  to figure out.  See you there!
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