[Dhsbb-jazz] E-mail reminder re: Measure C ballots

Horn, John A john.a.horn at intel.com
Tue Feb 28 00:41:52 PST 2012

Please VOTE!!
This is the last week, so make sure that you vote and your neighbors/friends do to.
Our music program really needs this to pass.
See details below....

Dear Parents,

This is the last full week of voting for Measure C.

We are reaching out to you,  parents of students who participate in music ,  because funding for music programs is on the line.

We must achieve a 2/3 majority to retain this critical funding for our programs.

Every vote counts.  Please ask your friends and neighbors if they have voted.

If you are mailing your ballot,  please do so by this Wednesday, February 29th, to ensure it gets to Woodland on time.

Ballots are also being accepted at the library drop-off ballot box until  8 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, March 6th.

We know you value education, so please "vote your values" and vote yes on Measure C.

Barbara Archer

Lori Duisenberg

Parent Co-chairs, Measure C

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