[env-trinity] Page One Sacto Bee

Daniel Bacher danielbacher at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 17 08:12:04 PST 2005

As usual, the Sacramento Bee didn't even consider calling the people most 
impacted by the water exports - Indian Tribes like the Winnemem Wintu, 
recreational anglers and commercial fishermen - for this story. But they 
always have lots of space for quotes from Jeff McCracken and Central Valley 
corporate ag water guzzlers. The Bee has some of the worst, most biased 
coverage of water issues of any major newspaper in the state. This contrasts 
with the great coverage that Glen Martin and other reporters at the S.F. 
Chronicle give to water issues.

Nearly 400 members of the Klamath River tribes and their supporters marched 
and rallied at the capitol on Monday - and the Bee didn't bother to send a 
reporter, though they were contacted with numerous emails and phone calls. 
That was a huge story!

Stuart Leavenworth did a fair job of covering water and fish issues at the 
Bee, but he's apparently been "kicked upstairs" into editorial.  Now they 
don't have anybody there that's familar with water issues.

I suggest that people write letters to the Bee about this article - I'm 
writing one today.

Dan Bacher

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