[env-trinity] More Trinity Fall Flows

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Mon Apr 11 19:19:47 PDT 2005

In the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that the Lower Klamath River
fish kill was a result of inadequate flows of water in the river, Interior
since has maintained that factors OTHER than inadequate water created that


Now, Interior seems to believe by its actions that inadequate water in the
Lower Klamath this year could create a re-run of the fish kill.  It says, in
effect, water is needed to avert another disaster.  Further, it believes
Trinity water, in contradiction of the Record of Decision, should be used to
offset inadequate flows in the Klamath.


If Interior is to have credibility, it could achieve that by pursuing a
consistent position.  Fish either need water, or they don't.  If fish need
water, and clearly they do - although three species also are able to walk on
land - then the Bureau should obtain water needed by the Klamath other than
by the misuse of Trinity water.



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